Environmental Management

The Environmental Management Division is comprised of four Sections:  Coastal Zone ManagementClimate Action Plan, Environmental Coordination, and Stormwater Management

The Coastal Zone Management Section is responsible for beach nourishment projects that provide shoreline protection, erosion control, recreational benefits, and habitat enhancement. Wide, sandy beaches along the Pacific shoreline attract tourists, improve property values, protect public and private structures and minimize bluff failures. The California Coastal Sediment Management Workgroup categorizes Encinitas beaches to be, “erosional hot spots” due to the long shore dispersal rate. High energy waves and severe winter storms plus the threat of sea level rise contribute to a constant state of awareness regarding protections to the shoreline. This condition will continue to worsen if counter action in the form of artificial beach nourishment is not taken. 

The Environmental Coordination Section is responsible for the coordination of environmental and sustainability strategies and provides staff support and administration to the Encinitas Environmental Commission.  The Environmental Coordination Section supports sustainability efforts of the City organization and community-wide through implementation of the Climate Action Plan strategies and measures, promotion of climate mitigation and adaptation actions, and facilitation of energy and water efficiencies and Green House Gas reduction measures for City operations and the community at large. The Section seeks and administers grants and in-kind support; it partners with other governmental and non-governmental organizations for cooperative opportunities to leverage resources for implementation of environmental stewardship actions and strategies.

The Stormwater Management Section, also known as the Clean Water Program, is tasked with the protection and enhancement of surface waters including creeks, lagoons, and the Pacific Ocean through the comprehensive oversight of runoff quality and quantity into and out of the City’s stormwater drainage system. 

Report Stormwater Violations: (760) 633-2787 or [email protected]

This section develops and implements comprehensive programs and activities in compliance with State and Federal Clean Water Act (CWA) standards applied locally through Municipal National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting requirements. Local NPDES permits are issued and regulated by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB).

The Stormwater Management Section functions are structured around regulatory requirements and implemented through an integrated set of programs and service delivery strategies. Core stormwater management services include: enforcement of the City’s stormwater ordinance, review and implementation of development standards, inspection of commercial, industrial, municipal and construction sites, facilities and activities, water quality monitoring, reporting and documentation, complaint response, community outreach and education, interdepartmental coordination, and interjurisdictional watershed management.

The Environmental Coordination Section facilitates the development and implementation of the Environmental Commission’s Annual Work Plan and advocates environmental awareness. Contact: Environmental Program Manager, Erik Steenblock, 760-943-2108