Planning Division

The Planning Division performs a number of core functions:

Advanced Planning

Advanced Planning facilitates long-range planning for the City, monitors the City's General Plan, proposes and implements ordinances, and addresses regional planning issues affecting Encinitas.

Building Permits

Building provides plan check, permitting and building inspection services for the City. Building permit and inspection services are provided under contract with the EsGil Corporation.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement has the primary responsibility of ensuring compliance with the City’s various land use codes and municipal code regulations.

Housing Resources

Housing administers and monitors a variety of housing and community development programs and activities, including - Section 8 rental assistance program, homeless assistance, and other affordable housing opportunities.

Land Development

Land Development reviews land development proposals ensuring compliance with all City standards, plans, policies, guidelines and regulations, including environmental review and other applicable local and state regulations. They respond to public inquiries regarding land use and zoning issues.

Regulatory Permits

The Regulatory Permits Section is responsible for processing regulatory permits, such as short-term rental permits, solicitor permits, and recreational vehicle parking permits, and administering the City’s Business Registration program. This section also provides reception services in the main lobby and development services lobby.