Encinitas Habitat Stewardship Program


Time Line: 1Q 15/16 to 3Q15/16
Phase: Project Design
Budget: $172,000 (program implementation; existing CIP and P&B operating budget)
Contact: Diane S. Langager, Principal Planner, (760) 633-2714, [email protected]
Location: City owned properties with sensitive habitat in Encinitas

The Encinitas Habitat Stewardship Program (EHSP), provides funding for basic property management stewardship (e.g., invasive plant removal, trash and encampment removal, fencing/signage, erosion control, fire abatement, etc.) on City owned property which contains sensitive habitat.  The program also provides a 50/50 financial incentive for HOAs or other private properties with sensitive habitat to participate in the program.

On January 29, 2014, as part of the Strategic Planning Work Session on the Environment, the City Council directed staff to retain the services of a consultant to prepare an Initial Site Assessment Report for implementation of the Encinitas Habitat Stewardship Program.

Based on an RFP process, the City contracted with Dudek to prepare the Initial Site Assessment report which prioritizes the City’s open space preserve areas and stewardship tasks as well as identifies site-specific costs for the purposes of conducting basic management and stewardship on City owned properties with sensitive habitat.

Staff presented the results of the Assessment Report to Council on September 16, 2015, at such time, Council directed that the Environmental Commission review the Site Assessment Report to prioritize the sites; the invasive plants and the stewardship efforts; as well as coordinate with community groups, the Parks & Recreation Commission, the Trails Committee and the public for volunteers.  Additionally, funding was authorized to initiate work efforts for debris removal, encampment clean-ups and access control (sign and trail repair) for four of the City-owned open space areas.

Project Update

The City of Encinitas is seeking public input on the Assessment Report at this time to further assess the best approach to implementing the EHSP.  With completion of the initial public review effort, staff initiated the review of the EHSP and the associated Assessment Report with the Environmental Commission (EC).  The EHSP Assessment Report was reviewed by the EC on January 14, 2016 to consider public open space habitat management costs and priorities (sites, invasive plants and tasks) associated with program implementation. At such time, the EC established a subcommittee of three commissioners to allow for further review and discussion on the report.

The EC Subcommittee (Subcommittee) has met on two occasions (February 9 and 23, 2016), and has two meetings scheduled for the month of August. The Subcommittee will prepare a set of recommendations summarizing the results of their work efforts. The Subcommittee’s recommendations will then be presented to the EC for consideration. The EC will then finalize a recommendation to be presented to the City Council.

The next meetings of the Environmental Commission Subcommittee for the review of the Encinitas Habitat Stewardship Program (EHSP) Initial Assessment Report are scheduled for:

Tuesday, August 9, 2016, 4:00 - 5:30 pm in the Carnation Room at City Hall; and

Thursday, August 25, 2016, 4:30 - 6:00 pm in the Carnation Room at City Hall.

The Assessment Report and more information on the EHSP can be found in the Council and EC agenda reports which can found below under Work Products.

To provide comments or for further information, please contact Diane S. Langager, Principal Planner, Planning & Building Department, 505 S. Vulcan Avenue, Encinitas, CA 92024 or via phone at (760) 633-2714 or via email at [email protected].

Work Products

Site Assessment Report
September 16, 2015 Council agenda report
January 14, 2016 Environmental Commission agenda report
Public Notice for Assessment Report Comments
EC Subcommittee Meeting Summary Notes for February 9, 2016