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Citywide Weed Abatement

Citywide Weed Abatement

The Street Maintenance Section will be spraying the herbicide REWARD at the following weed abatement locations on January 19, 2018. The precautionary label of the product is “CAUTION” with the active ingredient of (Diquat dibromide). Spraying will be done in the early morning hours (beginning approximately 2 a.m.). Refrain from entering treated areas or allowing skin contact of treated vegetation when product is wet. Drying time of product may vary based on weather conditions and time of application.





Chesterfield Medians
Enc Blvd @ 4 Corners Medians
Enc Blvd @ Cantebria Medians
Enc Blvd @ ECR Medians
Enc Blvd @ N Vulcan Ave Medians
Lot 12
Mackinnon Bridge Desk
N Coast 101 Medians
Olivenhain Lot

Park Dale Ln
Rancho Santa Fe
Requeza & Westlake
S Coast 101 Medians

Via Poco Ditch
Village Park Way




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The City of Encinitas adheres to guidelines that focus on applying the most effective and least toxic weed and pest control methods. The guidelines are intended to protect and preserve public health and reduce the impact on the environment.

For more information please call (760) 633-2850.