Land Use

Land Use and La Paloma Theater, Encinitas.

Encinitas covers about 19 square miles of land in northwest San Diego, with a population of about 60,000 and 25,000 housing units. Land use within Encinitas can be broken down into several different categories (or zones). These categories establish which uses are appropriate in different areas and identify how a particular piece of land can be used. For example, zoning regulations dictate how many homes can be built on a residential site or property and/or help determine the intensity of commercial areas, how they redevelop, and what type of goods services may be provided.  Zoning regulations also prevent harm to the natural environment and human health and preserve and maintain natural open space providing habitat for animals and plants and help people enjoy the benefits of the natural world. 

Land Use - Encinitas Environment  Encinitas is committed to reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases and View of hills in the City of Encinitas.conserving energy and water resources. Prudent land use planning reaffirms sustainability principles that guide the City’s environmental programs and future plans. Please note that zoning regulations are subject to change. Local agencies change or amend zoning ordinances in response to citizen, business or community needs and in response to particular events. For more information, please refer to the Planning and Building Department website and the citywide zoning map through MyEncinitas.

Specific Plans 

Specific plans cover the land use and planning within distinct parts of Encinitas such as Downtown Encinitas, North 101 Corridor, Encinitas Ranch, and Home Depot.  These specific plans, along with the general plan, provide guidance for development and development review by the Planning and Building Department.